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Atticus Foundation x Headspace

  The Atticus Foundation x Headspace partnership was started with the intention of helping touring and recording artists and their crews all over the world.  We understand the toll that this lifestyle can take on ones health both physically and mentally. More often than not, life isn’t the fun and games that is portrayed on social media. It is stressful, straining on all relationships around you and to be honest, at times just exhausting. This is where we would like to help make a difference. We’ve partnered up with Headspace to give you access to their meditation app, with a full subscription for one year. If you’re interested, just let us know.

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Weird UFO sighting leads to unexplained 'Dead Bird' tattoos

Following a UFO sighting that reportedly looked like a large resting bird, a weird, unexplained event is sweeping across the U.S of tattoos of the 'Dead Bird' appearing on rock music fans bodies. UFO experts have been asked if the recent comments by ex-Blink 182 front man are linked to the unexplained phenomenon, but have said at this stage "it is unknown". Above: Tom Delonge, holding a picture of what strangely looks like a bird flying at high speed. The 'Dead Bird' is most famous for it's appearance in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. We've included some of our favourite examples of recent tattoos are below. One music fan who has asked not to be named for confidentiality reasons commented "I was...

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